Privacy & Rules

Rules for Agencies and Independent Escorts(referred to as IE):

The agencies and the IE are allowed to publish tours only if they have a valid working webpage.
Fake reviews/ratings on their own services will be pointed by the site moderator, in the agency/IE review panel. Such behavior is against our site policy and might result in a permanent ban from our website.

Rules for Members:

Members are allowed to post only one review for each escort they met.
Reviews should be posted with clear explanations, decent language and should refer only to the experience that the member had with the escort.
It is strictly forbidden to disclose any information regarding location of the meeting (address, hotel name) or any other personal information which might affect the escort’s privacy, other than information regarding the actual encounter. Please contact the agency or the IE for information such as hotel name, address or telephone number.
It’s also forbidden to submit two ratings regarding the same agency using two different member accounts.
The members should know that if one review is disputed, the escort is allowed to post a reply.
We will make sure that the reviews are impartial and accurate, by monitoring the source of each review, suspicious behavior will be verified and fake material will be removed from the website. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you feel that some materials are fake or inappropriate.
Fake reviews or ratings are forbidden, such behavior can result in cancellation of the member account or even permanent ban from our services.

Privacy Statement: will never ask for personal information of any kind, from members or escorts. Please report such incidents to [email protected]. will contact its members only regarding reviews/ratings or any activity related to the website. will not disclose any of the submitted members information nor any of the correspondence with any third party. reserves the right to remove or alter bad language such as insulting words posted in reviews.
We require your help in order to keep this community impartial and accurate, please feel free to contact us any time at [email protected].